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Направление «Информационные системы и технологии» (бакалавриат)

Direction "Information systems and technologies"
Profile: Data Analysis and Decision Making in Economics (the program is implemented in English)
ФГОС, ОП, примерные учебные планы

Вступительные экзамены, минимальные баллы

Контрольные цифры приема

The bachelor's program “Information Systems and Technologies” in the profile “Data Analysis and Decision Making in Economics” was created to support the state program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” (approved by order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 28, 2017 No. 1632-r).

Students receive universal education in three groups of disciplines: fundamental mathematics, computer science and mathematical modeling of economic phenomena and processes.

Professional training for students is provided by proffessors of the Department of Information Systems and Mathematical Methods in Economics at the Perm State National Research University.

According to the traditions of the educational process of the department, increased attention is paid to the problems of processing economic information, data analysis, mathematical modeling of economic processes and phenomena, economic interpretation of the results, management and decision making. This is the main difference between this program and other programs of this group, implemented in the Perm Territory.

Much attention during the training is paid to scientific and research work. Students have the opportunity to complete coursework projects and final qualifying work in the International Laboratory of Constructive Methods for the Study of Dynamic Models, headed by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor V.P.Maximov. The research of the Cryptoeconomics laboratory and blockchain systems, which is headed by the candidate of economic sciences, associate professor S.V.Ivliev, is very popular.

Graduates of the program are in demand in large business companies that are actively developing their analytical services, as well as in IT companies specializing in the creation and implementation of analytical systems in the field of economics.

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