Руководство для заявителей проектов по программе ТЕМПУС

Отдел международных связей ПГУ информирует, что на сайте ЕТF опубликовано руководство для заявителей проектов по программе ТЕМПУС (2005-2006 гг). С материалами можно ознакомиться на сайте по адресу: www.etf.eu.int/tempus

To view or download the guide please select: ‘News: New Tempus Guide for Applicants 2005-2006 now available’ under the ‘What’s new’ section or ‘Apply for Tempus’ then ‘Guide for Applicants’ from the yellow menu on the left side of the page.

The French, German, Arabic and Russian language versions are currently being translated and will be available at a later stage.

The new TEMPUS Guide for Applicants comprises four distinct parts:

* Part One - is addressed to the general reader who would like to know the main features of the Tempus programme.
* Part Two - is designed to give the interested reader more specific information. It describes in greater detail the activities financed by the Tempus programme and their requirements.
* Part Three - sets out the national priorities agreed between the European Commission and partner countries.
* Part Four - is addressed to those who have decided that they would like to participate in the programme. It provides guidelines for completing the application forms.

The next Tempus application deadlines are as follows:
Individual Mobility Grants - 15 October 2005, 15 February 2006
Structural and Complementary Measures - 15 October 2005, 15 February 2006
Joint European Projects - 15 December 2005

You can find requests for partner institutions within Tempus at: http://www.tempusuk.ac.uk/partner_searching.html

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