Новости от кафедр международного и европейского права (юридический факультет) и английского языка и межкультурной коммуникации (ФСИЯЛ)

Вернувшись домой в г. Вашингтон, профессор Уильям Н. ЛаФордж поместил на портале своей юридической корпорации Винстед информацию о двухнедельном визите в наш университет (09-21.11.2008) в разделе Международные связи . Профессор ЛаФорж написал о программе пребывания в ПГУ, отметив, что юридический факультет Пермского является первым по рейтингу на Урале. Подобные отзывы повышают престиж нашего вуза за рубежом.


Ниже приводится его письмо:


Bill LaForge Serves as Visiting Professor of Law in Russia


For two weeks in November, Washington Managing Shareholder Bill LaForge

served as a visiting professor of law at Perm State University in Perm,

Russia.  At the invitation of the Faculty of Law, Bill presented lectures

and seminars on a number of commercial and comparative law topics including

U.S. jurisprudence and legal processes, property law, torts, contracts, U.S.

constitutional law, civil and criminal procedure, banking, techniques of

advocacy, judicial independence, business-government relations, alternative

dispute resolution and criminal law. 


Most students were 4th or 5th year law students (the European legal

education system is a 5-year program after high school), although students

from other disciplines such as economics, government and English

participated in a number of the classes. 


Bill also met with various faculties of the university and with law firms,

judges and city administrative officials while in Perm.  Additionally, he

had the opportunity to tour the last remaining Soviet gulag and Perm-36, the

infamous prison for political dissidents that closed in 1988.


  Perm State University is considered the premier institution of higher

learning in the Ural Mountains region, and its law faculty is rated the best

in that part of Russia.  As the eastern-most city in Europe, Perm is located

approximately 800 miles east of Moscow in the area popularly referred to as

Eurasia, and it is the gateway to Siberia. 


Formerly called Molotov (after Stalin's foreign minister and the namesake

for the explosive "cocktail"), Perm was a huge part of the Soviet military

industry.  The city was a major tank production center for the Soviets

during World War II, and later became famous for production of artillery and

rocket vehicles, intercontinental ballistic rocket launching systems, MIG

jetfighter engines and cannons of all ranges. 


Due to its strategic nature, the Soviets went to great lengths to keep Perm

a secret by ensuring that the city did not even appear on many Soviet-made

maps.  Today Perm is a major metropolitan area of more than 1 million

people, and it boasts some of the best opera, ballet and museums in Russia.

Boris Pasternak lived and wrote Dr. Zhivago in Perm.


Bill's visiting professorship was coordinated by the Center for

International Legal Studies (CILS) headquartered in Salzburg, Austria.  The

unique program places senior American lawyers in law schools in Eastern

European and former Soviet-bloc countries to teach U.S. law.  Participating

U.S. attorneys provide their time, research, lectures, seminars, travel and

other expenses pro-bono.  Bill has previously taught in Bulgaria and Poland.


For more information on CILS, go to http://www.cils.org

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